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ISOC and its role in the Internet development

The Internet Society (ISOC) was founded in 1992 by several people affiliated with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). From the earliest days, one of the main goals of ISOC’s work was providing the IETF’s organisational framework and financial support for the Internet Standards Development (RFC) process.

The Mission. The Internet community contributes to the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource that enriches people’s lives and is a driving force in society.

ISOC’s work is consistent with its goals of implementing the principles of creating an open, globally connected, secure, and credible Internet. ISOC is committed to working with anyone who shares these goals.

ISOC urges to focus on:

  • establishing and supporting communities that create the Internet;

  • promoting the development and application of Internet infrastructure, technologies and open standards;

  • development of policies in line with ISOC’s view on the Internet.

ISOC is a global organization based on the above principles and governed by a Board of Trustees. The purpose of the organization is to keep the Internet open, transparent and user-defined.

Becoming a member of ISOC, you can:

  • help to protect and develop an open, globally accessible, secure and reliable Internet in a way that every member of the organization, individual or legal entity, can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet.

  • get the opportunity to join the ranks of Geographical Offices (Chapters) or Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Membership in several branches and groups at the same time is allowed.

Within ISOC, there is also a global Community of Organizations (Organization Members) working to create, promote and protect a broader and stronger concept of the Internet. The organization involves more than 100 leading companies from various industries around the world.

Another part of the community is represented by Affiliates and Partners, which include non-profit organizations whose missions and goals intersect with those of ISOC, and who announce their specific, common goals and future actions in an ISOC partnership agreement.

Why are we creating a Ukrainian branch of ISOC?

First of all, the modern world requires a level of communication that allows you to quickly find well-known experts on issues that may arise in the local community, to which this local community may not  have a solution. Thus, the Ukrainian branch integrates into the international Internet community and becomes a portal to its members in new knowledge for the development of best practices in the development of the Internet.

This is an opportunity to participate in many discussion platforms on the following issues:

  • development of standards, protocols, administration methods and technical infrastructure of the Internet;

  • support for educational programs wherever necessary;

  • professional development and community building that promotes participation and leadership in areas important to the development of the Internet;

  • reliable information about the Internet, as well as information transferred via the Internet;

  • development and use of the Internet in technical, commercial, public and other applications;

  • creating an environment and appropriate conditions for international cooperation;

  • promoting the Internet as a positive tool that benefits people around the world;

  • ensuring the management and coordination of strategic initiatives in the humanitarian, educational, social and other fields.